Galaxy Note 4 Review


Galaxy Note 4 Review


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a revolutionary smartphone from Samsung, which is without any doubt, the best one from them too. It’s apparent that they have fixed any flaw in the Galaxy S series in this one, now that is the sign of some company who actually cares for their customers and listens to them.

Today, I have got the opportunity to review this fantas-some smartphone by Samsung.

I’ll be starting with the design and build quality. It has the material used in Galaxy Alpha, which was a balance between plastic and metal material although the material finds it real home on Note 4 where it feels much more premium, less peculiar and more lovely. It’s a little taller and thicker than the Galaxy Note 3, and a tiny bit heavier, but not by much.

The Note 4 dwells pretty sophisticated appearance with it’s black trim with beveled silver edges, so does the home button along with camera lens, flash, S-pen and heart-rate sensor. Everything blends into the other colour and bounces back, just like echoes. It’s marvellous. Although the faux leather back-cover is not of the top level. The back looks like the Galaxy S5, with square protruding camera lens, heart rate sensor and LED flash and the speaker grill at the bottom. I guess I can still hope that Samsung will move to a front-mounted speaker at some point in the future.

Note 4 Review (Display)

Now let’s move onto the display.

The device bore a HD (2,560 x 1,440 pixel) 5.7-inch AMOLED screen. I’d go as far as the best display I have ever seen so-far. I wasn’t a fan of the high-saturation displays of Samsung lately but apparently you can set the display to your preferences. Anyone unimpressed by the LG G3’s QHD display should take a look at this beauty.

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Note 4 Review (Other Specifications)

If you can survive a bit of good old Samsung lag, then the Note 4 will not disappoint when it comes to performance in other quarters.
The quad-core Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7 GHz with 3 GB of RAM in our version is very fast and powerful, equaling or besting any other phone around right now and posting very impressive benchmarks that blow everything else out of the water. There is also an octa-core Exynos 5 (5433) version of the Note 4, which is even more powerful.
In daily usage, you won’t notice the Note 4 slowing down, except on the occasional app launch or return to the home screen, but for resource-hungry tasks, the powerful processor and RAM really deliver. Hi-res games and other tasks that demand a lot from the processor are met with ease, although our Note 4 does have a bit of a tendency to heat up when placed under a lot of stress.
The Note 4 adds optical image stabilization to its super-fast 16 MP Sony IMX240 camera, a feature we’ve been waiting on for quite some time. The camera is typically brilliant, although it can get slightly noisy at times, a quirk I wouldn’t have expected from such a high end device and certainly not from a Samsung.

Note 4 Review
In the last. I’d vote Note 4 a great 8.9 out of 10




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