Fasting for weight loss is good or not?


Fasting for weight loss is good or not?

You decided to ignore the 7 day detox to lose weight purification, as well as lowcarb within a month or more and make the determination to become a “vegetarian” toward weight loss goals and also “protect the environment “do not touch the meat dishes, fish … is this the smart choice?

Experts say about a vegetarian diet?
According to nutrition experts, the reasonable vegetarian will help you get better, to add to your positive energy. As the use of protein, fat plant will bring many benefits to the body such as skin, blood cholesterol, reduce the accumulation of excess fat in the body regions most susceptible to weight gain, such as the thighs, abdomen, hips … In addition, the meat is removed, you will feel lighter, excretory system, digestive function effectively, the entire waste away toxins from the body. Therefore, if you choose a vegetarian diet to lose weight, the effect would be very desirable.

However, according to many nutrition experts advise, if you decide to fasting to lose weight, you have to be a vegetarian smart. This will ensure good health for you before you get effective weight loss. Therefore, you should focus on research ingredient in vegetable protein: soy, soy, tofu, nuts … fat in margarine, nuts, dairy products, sorrow own, olive oil, vegetable oil, fiber found in vegetables, mushrooms … Every day, you should complement proteins, fats, iron, fiber-like levels of a salty meal daily to reduce an optimal balance that can still be required to ensure the necessary nutrients to the body’s activities.

And one more thing you should note is that you can not change 100% of normal salt diet to a vegetarian diet for weight loss is desired. So, to lose weight fasting process goes smoothly, you will not feel hungry and crave meat, start by gradually eliminating red meat (beef,  chicken … before), then slowly phasing of fish and seafood. And below is a great menu to see the full vegetarian weight loss is no longer a challenge too harsh with you again.

The menu is vegetarian weight loss

Start the day with a glass of lemon water with honey and a vibrant tone, fun, bring excitement to work all day. Then you go to the kitchen, baking bread with butter and jam are smoke spiraling up, served with a bit of fresh fruit: melon, banana, apple green … You can change the breakfast menu with dishes familiar eat pasta with tomato sauce, mushrooms and celery to change each day. These spices are capable of supporting extremely effective weight loss so you do not miss the great opportunity to take advantage of this offline.


Please manually prepare your lunch if you want to make this weight loss program thoroughly and safest. Be prepared for the lunch menu includes a full complement of protein, iron, fiber … It could be eaten with white rice warehouses mushroom tofu, seaweed soup cooked with tofu, vermicelli stir-fried vegetables or a box comes with fried tofu and add some fruits, mushrooms: mushrooms, mushrooms, abalone mushrooms …

From time to time, after lunch, be sure to reward yourself a bar of dark chocolate or a glass of kiwi ice cream for dessert. The snacks also brings the ability to support weight loss is very great.


To better serve the weight loss plan, you should choose a dinner including salad served with soup gently to the body, mood, relaxed track a romantic movie or read a book, magazine before bedtime.

Please use broth instead of stew with broth from bones, you can replace it with two kinds of soup from carrots, beets and grilled onions briefly, ensuring no less fresh water tunnel tibia. Use broth stew with spinach, tomatoes, celery, broccoli puree and then boil again. Do not forget to 1 tablespoon fresh milk to taste greasy soup to end your day.

Salad includes mixed with olive oil and vinegar sauce, mustard yellow with small lettuce, celery, green pepper, tomato, sprouts or … You can change with rocket vegetables, and dried tomatoes salads specifically for dinner …

You see, fasting for weight loss is a story where nothing is too complicated. Just you know how to eat and additional healthy nutrients then your weight loss goals will be easier to achieve than with a healthy spiritual life and good health. I wish you success!



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